Imagine That!

Imagine That! takes preschoolers on an incredible musical journey—a journey that is limited only by the power of the imagination. In each 45-minute class, musical pretend-play activities encourage creativity and individuality while also emphasizing cooperation and collaborative learning. Over the course of each 15-week session, children build cognitive, social-emotional, and language skills through a variety of group activities that incorporate singing, dancing, storytime, and instrument play. You’ll join in the fun for the last 15 minutes of each class to watch your child’s creativity blossom and share valuable together time. Kindermusik home materials let you continue the learning and fun at home with books, CDs, instruments, and more. 

Winter Classes begin the week of January 7, 2019. Cost is $260.00.

Cities! Busy Places - Friendly Faces

Kindermusik Cities

Imagine That Classes : 3 - 5 Years

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Cities! Busy Places - Friendly Faces — In this unit, sidewalks, elevators, skyscrapers, and world-traveling photographers are the theme. Learning through the pretend play that preschoolers adore, we’ll be rhythmically busy playing storytelling games and handcrafting city “buildings” from wax paper at home so we can make a cityscape in class! Plus every activity has some at-home adaptations so the parent can take part in the learning. With a pair of resonator bars as a featured instrument, and a multicultural, jazzy collection of music, preschoolers will develop the social and intellectual skills they’ll need in school.

Home Materials: Two literature books—Razupazu Toto and Down Our Street, Cities! game board set (pretend play manipulative component), two Home CDs featuring a collection of multicultural and jazzy music heard in class, a Family Activity Book, a pair of resonator bars with mallets as the featured instrument, & backpack. Previous students to this class will use the same Kindermusik backpack used in the fall session.