It’s music to our ears when we hear from a parent whose otherwise non-verbal child has just uttered her first words in Kindermusik class, or has learned to mimic a Kindermusik activity at home. Music can bring about so many amazing firsts. In fact, many music therapists recommend our classes to families whose children experience physical, emotional, cognitive, or social challenges. Music reaches children in a way that other therapies cannot.

The Ann Arbor Special Needs Music Class is an engaging and flexible 30-45 minute classes acknowledge your child’s need to venture out on his own while maintaining the security and reassurance that only a nearby you can provide. Over the course of the 15-week session, your child will listen to new sounds and rhythms, engage in instrument and prop play, and enjoy a fun and interactive storytime, while you learn tips for weaving musical fun into the rest of the week. You’ll love watching your child blossom musically, developmentally, and socially while having the time of his life! Kindermusik home materials let you continue the learning and fun at home with books, CDs, instruments, and more. 

A note from Misty:

Registration for the last two music sessions was very low.  We must have a minimum of five children to start a class.  Should you have interest in the Special Needs Music Class, please contact Jeanna directly at  Once we have five children on the list, we will call you to see what times you may be available.  Until then, PLEASE feel free to sign up for a typical class.  Tessa has attended Jeanna's music class since she was 4 months old (now 5).  I truly believe that this has helped with Tessa's development.  The mothers and children have all been very helpful and loving towards Tessa and irreplaceable great bonds have been made.

If you are a member of the Down Syndrome Support Team, please register and choose payment via check.  The DSST will pay for 80% of the registration.

If you have a child with special needs, yet cannot afford the session fee, please contact me (Misty Gray-Kluck) directly at

Thank you!

Misty (Tessa's Mom)