Class Information

For over 25 years, Kindermusik’s award-winning materials and in-depth research have been providing families with a comprehensive music program designed to enrich children’s environments and enhance all facets of their development. And since your child’s most important teacher is you, we show you how continue the fun—and the learning—at home.


Fall Classes are $240 for 15 weeks.

Village : Birth - 18 Months

The Kindermusik Village classes offer babies and young toddlers the perfect start in life, both musically and developmentally. Over the course, your baby will begin to develop a sense of rhythm and steady beat while listening to rhymes and music and playing with baby-safe instruments.

Our Time : 18 Months - 3 Years

Our Time! celebrates the inquisitive, wide-eyed toddler who’s curious about everything and just can’t stop exploring! Your child will listen to new sounds and rhythms, engage in instrument and prop play, and enjoy a fun and interactive storytime, while you learn tips for weaving musical fun into the rest of the week.

Imagine That : 3 - 5 Years

Imagine That! takes preschoolers on an incredible musical journey—a journey that is limited only by the power of the imagination. In each class, musical pretend-play activities encourage creativity and individuality while also emphasizing cooperation and collaborative learning.

Mommy Talk ...

  • "Jeanna's class is a delight. It has a wonderful structure with real, age-appropriate musical instruction. But what makes the class really special is Jeanna; she's organized, warm, fun and the kids love her. Attending her class is a real highlight for me and my son."

    -- Laura, Carl's Mommy
  • “My son is very active and doesn't do well in classes that expect him to sit still and listen. Luckily, Kindermusik allows him to get up and move. Dancing, parachute play, hula hoops, and even beach balls are a part of this fun and engaging class.”

    -- Rebecca, Caleb's Mommy
  • "With Jeanna’s guidance, my daughter starting engaging with rhythm and melody at 6 months. Now that she's two, this familiar (and beloved!) class is teaching her valuable social skills like sharing, listening and following directions. There's no other single enrichment activity that we keep returning to like Kindermusik with Miss Jeanna. We are very lucky to have her in the area!"

    -- Meagan, Elka's Mommy
  • "My daughter has thrived in Kindermusik with Miss Jeanna. She creates an exciting and engaging environment to help children learn not only about music and movement, but also about helping and social skills. We have been in her class since my daughter was 6 months old and she loves the friends she has made as well as the music both in class and at home."

    -- Elizabeth, Annabelle's Mommy